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Feeling the Love…Of Designing Handmade Products

August 15, 2012
I had a busy week this last week-I completed a large wedding order and shipped it to Minnesota from Cleveland, Ohio, and shipped out a great order of gift card boxes, marketed for a friend of mine, and spent a good portion of my time talking to a client about her wedding details. What fun! I love my work…
For fun I wrapped birthday gifts for my grandkids and chatted long distance by phone with all 3 of my daughters! đŸ™‚
I hope you will enjoy seeing some of the fruits of my labor-Enjoy!
Custom groom’s boutonniere-Since there were no coordinating rose buds to match the full roses in the bridal bouquet, I took a full rose apart and designed a much smaller rose for this bride and groom for their wedding day.
Custom Bridal Bouquet-My client chose each and every flower for her wedding bouquet. I offer very personalized customer serve to my brides.
Custom Bouquet Handle-This is my signature wedding bouquet handle for 2012-I love my work…
I sold a very nice order of my handmade gift card boxes to a customer in Alabama earlier last week. Take the hassle out of giving gift cards at
Add on an order of my handmade Irish heritage gift card boxes, and I have a very nice week of business. Available at
A big shout out to Murphy’s Law in Cleveland, Ohio-Another successful fundraiser was held there last night. If you’d like to donate, please check out this website.
I hope you all have an amazing week,
Carolyn K.
K and K Floral and Design
Find great handmade products at
Find a great full service mover in Cleveland, Ohio at
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