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Feeling the Love…Of Weddings in the New Year

Feeling the Love…Of Weddings in the New Year.


Feeling the Love…Of Weddings in the New Year

Happy New Year from K and K Floral and Design! So many thanks to all my family, friends, and customers for helping to make 1012 a wonderful year and for your great support.

 Wedding and engagement season 2013 is upon us, and i love it. The colors are a bit softer for spring with Emerald Green being Pantone’s color of the year. What’s your favorite color? 

 Custom handmade bridal bouquets and other wedding flowers for your ceremony, reception, and more. 


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Wreaths make wonderful decorations for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Order yours today.


I hope you all have an amazing week!
Carolyn K.
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Feeling the Love…Of Handmade Christmas and Holiday Gift Packaging-2012

I absolutely love Christmas-it’s my favorite time of the year. In my family, we get together to wrap our holiday gifts and make handmade bows and tags to decorate our packages. I no longer live near my daughters, but the tradition continues with them.

Christmas and Holiday Gift Packaging ideas at

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Handmade Holiday Gift Card Box at

Feeling the love…Of Weddings and Family & Friends

Well folks, my oldest daughter tied the knot, and I’m simply thrilled! It was an amazing day, to be sure, and I had the honor of designing the bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, and other flowers for their special day. It was a true labor of love for me. And I had such a wonderful time with my awesome family and friends. 

 Custom handmade bridal bouquets and groom’s boutonnieres, and More.

 My daughter and her new husband
 My oldest and youngest daughters
My daughter and me
 The groom and his son
Two of my grandchildren
 The beautiful bride with part of the wedding party
Handmade silk wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and more for your special day, and don’t forget the wedding favors available at Several styles to choose from for parties, corporate events, and more.
I hope you all have a beautiful week!


Carolyn K.
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Feeling the Love…Of Designing Handmade Products

I had a busy week this last week-I completed a large wedding order and shipped it to Minnesota from Cleveland, Ohio, and shipped out a great order of gift card boxes, marketed for a friend of mine, and spent a good portion of my time talking to a client about her wedding details. What fun! I love my work…
For fun I wrapped birthday gifts for my grandkids and chatted long distance by phone with all 3 of my daughters! 🙂
I hope you will enjoy seeing some of the fruits of my labor-Enjoy!
Custom groom’s boutonniere-Since there were no coordinating rose buds to match the full roses in the bridal bouquet, I took a full rose apart and designed a much smaller rose for this bride and groom for their wedding day.
Custom Bridal Bouquet-My client chose each and every flower for her wedding bouquet. I offer very personalized customer serve to my brides.
Custom Bouquet Handle-This is my signature wedding bouquet handle for 2012-I love my work…
I sold a very nice order of my handmade gift card boxes to a customer in Alabama earlier last week. Take the hassle out of giving gift cards at
Add on an order of my handmade Irish heritage gift card boxes, and I have a very nice week of business. Available at
A big shout out to Murphy’s Law in Cleveland, Ohio-Another successful fundraiser was held there last night. If you’d like to donate, please check out this website.
I hope you all have an amazing week,
Carolyn K.
K and K Floral and Design
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Feeling the Love…Of Etsy Handmade Products

Handmade wreaths, wedding favors, gift tags, place card holders, and more.

I simply love Etsy in every way for many of my shopping needs. I love handmade, and I love to help support entrepreneurs making a go of it with a home business. I have purchased several items on Etsy, 3 of which I’d like to share with all of you! ❤
This pair of adorable sheep coasters is my most recent purchase shipping all the way from the Czech Republic to Cleveland, Ohio! Available at
I bought this adorable baby quilt from Punky Quilts and More at
Fantastic quality and workmanship by this lovely shop owner, Allison.
I bought this Norwegian crocheted doll for my daughter for her birthday(the one in pig tails)-So cute! Available at
And  a reminder that there’s a Summer SALE going on in my shop at  Handmade Christmas wreaths, gift boxes, and more-get them while they last!
Have an amazing August everyone! ❤
K and K Floral and Design
Full service movers-Cleveland, Ohio No job is too big or small.

Cents and Sensibility: How to Make a Penny Floor

Wow, this is amazing…

A Detailed House

With two little ones running around the house, I am always picking things up off the floor. I am amazed, though, by the sheer number of coins! Granted, we play “store” a lot, which involves a cash register, spare change, and my youngest setting up “shop” where ever I am… no matter what I’m doing, working or not! They have piggy banks that they love to fill, so why are the coins spread cavalierly on the floor?

I tell myself it’s good for me – like exercise – and picking them up is the equivalent of toe touches, but not even an Army Drill Sargent would put someone through this 😉 Now my thought process is that I’m just going to start cementing them down, so I will eventually end up with these floors:

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